Thursday, September 10, 2009

Almost Transformers Costume Idea?

Almost Transformers is a skit by Australian comedians Merrick and Rosso in which they don refrigerator and clothes dryer costumes and try to scare people walking by.

Human Vs. Zombie Tag A Growing Trend On College Campuses

Apparently Human Vs. Zombie Tag (H.v.Z.) is a growing trend on college campuses.

An HvZ game typically involves hundreds of students and runs 24 hours a day for days on end; dwindling numbers of humans try to fend off and outlast growing legions of zombies.

The rules are fundamentally simple: Zombie tags human, human becomes a zombie. Unlike movie zombies, with shambling walks and undead makeup, zombies in the game just wear headbands to distinguish them from armband-wearing humans. And they are free to sprint.

If you're a human, you can "stun" zombies for 15 minutes by hitting them with a Nerf gun or balled up sock (preferably stuffed with pennies). I dunno about all that, but, for the sake of unbiased reporting, I suppose I'll have to play before passing judgment.

The Notorious Monkey Man!


Some guy, with too much time on his hands, is speeding around Phoenix, AZ wearing a monkey mask to avoid paying speeding-camera fines. To date, he's already been sent 37 tickets.

"Not one of them there is a picture where you can identify the driver," said Dave Vontesmar, a flight attendant who works at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. "The ball's in their court. I sent back all these ones I got with a copy of my driver's license and said, 'It's not me. I'm not paying them.' "

"We watched him four different times put the monkey mask on and put the giraffe-style mask on," Officer Dave Porter told "Based on surveillance, we were positive that Vontesmar was the driver."

"It's obviously a revenue grab," Dave said of the new photo-enforcement program. "They're required by law to ID the driver of the vehicle. If they can't identify the driver or the vehicle by the picture, what are they doing to identify the driver?"

Stick it to the Man Dave!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Halloween Pyro!

Not Halloween related...but scares the Hell out of me!

These pole dancing dolls are real products despite everything you know about life telling you they shouldn't be. I'll tell you one thing: no daughter of mine is playing with a damn stripper doll. Product features:

* style
* interesting
* music
* flash
* up and down
* go round and round

Wow. That's, uh, really something. Really something wrong with the world. I mean, how the hell does something like this get approved for manufacture and sale? China! Right, I keep forgetting.

Spooky Broom

This is a two and a half minute news report from Alabama about a woman who thinks there's "a little holy spirit" in her new consignment shop because she can stand a broom up unsupported in three separate locations.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Zombify Yourself!

Give it a try and see what you or your family and friends look like as ZOMBIES!